Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences

This is the course page for the UCL first year mathematics-for-BASc course MATH1403, Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences, which is running in the first term of the 2014–15 year.

  • Lectures (with me!):
    • Monday 1–2pm, in the Department of Mathematics, room 500;
    • Tuesday 4–5pm, in the Department of Mathematics, room 706;
    • Thursday 1–2pm, in the Department of Mathematics, room 706.
  • Problem class (with Dr Robert Bowles):
    • Tuesday 3–4pm, in the Department of Mathematics, room 706.
  • Once term begins, we will schedule a mutually convenient office hour. Until then, email or telephone me.
  • The Monday Morning Maths Mashup with me and Carl Gombrich for informal help with any of your maths problems will take place in the BASc Common Room from 8–9am on, unsurprisingly, Monday mornings.

The Department of Mathematics is on floors 5–8 of UCL Union, 25 Gordon Street. Room 500 is on the fifth floor, and room 706 is on the seventh floor.

Lectures run every week from Monday 29 September until Thursday 11 December 2014, with the exception of Reading Week: 3–7 November.

Handouts, coursework and useful resources will be posted both here and on Moodle.

If you have any queries or problems, you can email me. I will also pick up anything on Twitter with the hashtag #MATH1403.



 Past exam papers

What next?

For information on mathematics courses which follow on from here, see Maths after 1403.