Maths after 1403

On completion of MATH1403, there are many other maths modules offered by UCL which you may consider taking. Some of these have requirements that you achieve a certain score in either the January or summer 1403 exam: speak to your tutor.

Common streams are shown on one row. Each stream is of a different difficulty, but you may be able to pick and choose to some degree: see syllabuses for mathematics modules. Your personal tutor will be able to advise you what is appropriate to take. There may be more options: this is just what I have found by looking at what others have done, and seeing what is available to you. Other departments (e.g. statistics) offer mathematical courses, but these are generally not listed here.

If you haven’t taken 1402…

…you might find it hard to pick mathematics options for your second year.

It is possible for you to take a first level course (e.g. 1402) in your second year, and then take intermediate courses in your third year, if all the rest of your modules in your third year are of advanced level. Typically your third-year core and major modules will fulfil this criterion. (But again, talk to your tutor.)

A possible selection could be, in order,
Year 2 Term 1: 6403, Term 2: 1402; Year 3 Term 1: 2401, Term 2: 6503
(but you would need a small amount of background reading for 6403).

If you need intermediate and advanced level courses, your options are more limited. I am aware that the engineering faculty runs its own maths courses which might be suitable, but I can’t find any information on them online. Alternatively, you might consider the ‘probability and statistics’ stream, which only requires you to audit the first three weeks of 1301 in the first term.

Table of streams

All module codes start with MATH unless otherwise stated.

Level: First First Intermediate Intermediate Advanced  Advanced
Stream Term 1 Term 2 Term 1 Term 2 Term 1 Term 2
Methods with other BAScers 1403
Methods with mathematicians 1402 2401 7402 3401
Methods with scientists 6105 6106 6201
Methods with physicists PHAS2246 6202
Methods with computer scientists 6301
Methods with economists and statisticians 6401 6402
Methods with engineers 6503
Linear algebra with with economists and statisticians  6403
Analysis with economists and statisticians  6404
Logic for all ancillary students  6801
History of maths with mathematicians  3802
Probability and statistics 1301 7501

For a schematic view of prerequisites for mathematics-for-mathematicians modules, see Dr Jonny Evans’s mathematics choices pathways.