Suspensions in viscoelastic media

Tracking a ball falling through a suspension

Tracking a ball falling through a suspension

My PhD project is on modelling suspensions in viscoelastic media with Dr Helen Wilson at UCL. I like to think of this project as asking “if I have shampoo with glitter in it, and I shake the shampoo, where does the glitter go?”. Many industries use non-Newtonian liquids with particles in them (think paint, adhesives and even blood), and I’m looking at how these particles move, whether we can model certain non-Newtonian fluids using these suspensions, and whether I can explain some odd phenomena observed when dropping things through these suspensions. I do this all using computer code based on a procedure called Stokesian Dynamics.

Notes from my work:

Chocolate Fountains

Chocolate fountain

We examine why the fountain falls inwards, and predict various fluid flows

My masters project was The fluid dynamics of chocolate fountains, also under the supervision of Dr Helen Wilson. A tasty study into the behaviour of non-Newtonian fluids in three different geometries, the project is linked to below. Since then I have given popular mathematics talks on chocolate fountains many times over all over the country!