Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences

The course page for the UCL first year course MATH1403, Mathematical Methods for Arts and Sciences, which I taught from 2012 to 2014, is available here.

A-level Further Mathematics

The course page for my A-level further maths group, which I taught from 2012 to 2015, and where we learnt FP1, D1 and D2, is available here.

Maxwell’s Theory of Electrodynamics

The typeset notes by Giancarlo Grasso and me for the UCL third year course MATH3308, Maxwell’s Theory of Electrodynamics, are available here.

Fluid Mechanics

Our notes for the UCL second year course MATH2301, Fluid Mechanics, are also available here.

Further Maths Support Programme

I have recorded, with four colleagues, a short series of podcasts for the Further Maths Support Programme. These podcasts are aimed at A-level mathematics students, looking at some interesting and amusing applications of maths. Occasionally this job includes talking to school students and staff about further maths.